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Audience Chimp helps Facebook​ advertisers of all sizes to lower their costs by revealing thousands of hidden targetable interests. The best Facebook interest finder.

What you can do with Audience Chimp

No matter your business or industry, Audience Chimp will help you find the right interest to target. Don't go after the interest everyone is using, outsmart the competition with Audience Chimp.

Find hidden interest

FB ads manager shows just 25 interest suggestions and FB audience insights shows you interests that most often can't be targeted with ads. Audience Chimp will show you 1000's of hidden interests that can be targeted.

Speed up your research

Enter any broad topic and Audience Chimp will return a targetable list of interest ranked by relevance. Save hours of manual research and copy-paste targetable interest straight into your FB campaigns or download as CSV.

Optimize for performance

Audience Chimp helps you to identify which interests are contributing to the performance of your campaigns so you can remove non-performing ones. Easily see which specific interests are bringing in the conversions.

Built for Growth

Winning at Facebook ads can sometimes be a hard thing and can get even top marketers scratching their heads in despair. Audience Chimp was built to mitigate the manual research work advertisers go through during the prospecting phase.
As the best Facebook interest research tool on the market, Audience Chimp will help you be ahead of the competition to experience the growth you want.

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