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How to scale your Facebook ads with automated rules
Ben Kissi - 04-08-2020
Before automated rules existed, an advertiser will periodically check on the performance of her/his campaign in order to make edits based on campaign performance. Now, these edits can be made automatically using Facebook’s automated rules.
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How to laser target your Facebook Ads
Ben Kissi - 21-02-2020
We all know that Facebook is now a household name in the world of social media. Facebook now attracts over 1 billion daily active users. It's not surprising to see most marketers include Facebook advertising as part of their strategy.
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Lots of traffic but no sales: Learn how to fix it
Ben Kissi - 04-05-2020
One of the common recurring questions I have seen over and over again in many ecommerce communities or forums is “Lots of traffic, but no sales. What am I doing wrong?”. This dilemma gets a lot of ecommerce merchants scratching their heads in confusion.
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Shopify Product Research Strategy For Beginners
Ben Kissi - 11-03-2020
As a new ecommerce entrepreneur you must be picky when it comes to the kind of products you start out with. Below are the characteristics of a good product and these should provide a fair idea about the kind of products to look out for.
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